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Venture deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Transylvania, Romania. Home to bears, wolves and the elusive Lynx and little known to the rest of the world...(Full Film available on Youtube)

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What I really loved about Forest Garden was first the people: Torill and Nicolette are really cool and interesting people, and I liked them from the moment they met me in the nearby town on my way there. Then it was the place, the fresh air and stunning scenery; I have never seen so much life! There were the animals, particularly the dogs who I really miss playing with! I also loved meeting other volunteers, I was amazed at the type of people who turned up. And of course there were the activities I was involved in.

I learnt many new skills, such as how to scythe and make hay, how to grow food and herbs in better ways, how to live in nature without mains electricity and water. I learnt about living in community more, its many joys and occasional challenges. I learnt not to be afraid to dream big, that if you think of something cool you would like to do, go ahead see how it can be done and do it! But I guess overall it was the many little things that counted most, the richness of my overall experience at Forest Garden. I think it is these many little things that shape a person and can really make for a wonderful life! So many heart-felt thanks to Nicolette and Torill, all the animals, and the truly wonderful nature at Forest Garden.

The year I spent at Forest Garden was extremely valuable for me, both practically and for my well-being. Besides experiencing a more sustainable way of living in close connection to nature, I also had the opportunity to live in close connection to members of the community and to myself. I worked together with others on various projects (building, decorating, landscaping, gardening), and I was the language link to the larger community, since I could facilitate conversation between people speaking Hungarian, Romanian or English (sometimes even French), and this was valuable experience for my career as an interpreter.

Nicolette and Torill demonstrated a high degree of organizing skills and awareness when planning out the tasks for different projects. They are some of the most caring people to work with, those who come here always feel welcome and appreciated. In addition, they encourage people to express their personal opinion and creativity, so that the various buildings or designs have a touch of authenticity from every person that was there at their creation. Their faith and confidence was an inspiration to me as to what is possible if you simply start out at it.

I certainly would recommend living a however small a part of your life at Forest Garden Transylvania, since it will be an enriching

experience of connecting with nature and with interesting, lovely people.

I stayed at Forest Garden with Nicolette and Torill in August 2011 and I’m very glad to report those days were beautiful and peaceful. Forest Garden is a haven of peace, a clearing in a forest where you seem to be suspended out of the rest of the world. Nicolette and Torill were very welcoming hosts, and they shared their space, food. thoughts and feelings generously. Somehow the lack of running water and the very small amount of electricity mattered very little, and it became natural to collect water from the spring in the forest, to swim in the pond and to have candlelit evenings. I remember night-time bonfires and watching the stars, and breathing in the nature and the peace during the long summer days. I did some cooking, gardening, tiling and pointing, and I helped making a lot of cob, which was great fun! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for quietness and beauty.


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Elizabeth {Silver Fox} said on Jun 4, 2012 10:28 PM

Hello Nicolette, Hope you'll remember better job your memory! We were on Janet's Horse workshop and I've met you at the moondrumming at Janets Yurt. I've just gotten off the phone speaking with Janet. She has a few times mentioned how much I would love to come and visit and how you would be open and like kindred spirits to visit, lend a hand and share the space. I was speaking about a wonderful film I watched on youtube on forest gardens and permeculture which moved me. The first time I really 'got' what this means! Anyway I am saying hi! I am in transition just started a picture in colour....haven't created with colour for years! Just finished painting my bathroom which I've been living with half finished for years. I am in the process of a 2 year Healing course and psychic training. I live in London and earn my money {at present and have been doing so for 10 years} as an Education Social Worker. Anyway I would love to hear back from you. Love your web page :0) I've got a blog you might want to have a look at!'s called 'Secret Garden' All the best Wishes, Elizabeth

Xavier San Giorgi said on Jun 4, 2012 7:48 PM

Dear Transilvanian Food Forest, My name is Xavier and I'minvilved in the start up of a permaculture project near Rupea in Transilvania. One of our goals is to establish an Edible Food Forest. Because of this we would love to come an visit you. Right now we are with 3 other people working here and everybody is earger to see. Hopefully it would be possible that you contact us by text message on +31647682991 or +31618228182 Hopeing to hear from you. Xavier San Giorgi

danny.draper said on May 2, 2012 8:54 PM

ive recently found your website and after alot of searching think ive finally found something which i would love to get involved with. my name is danny,im 25 years old,a christian from oxfordshire and what you are offering sounds out of this world to me.not only does the oppertunity to get away from the rat race which i find myself in sound to good to be true,but ithe landscape and how unspoilt it all is....just amazing hope to hear back! all the best danny.draper

said on Mar 27, 2012 6:30 PM

Hi Nicolette What's it like there ? Here it's been like summer for several days now. Hope you're all really well. I'll be in touch again shortly A XX

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